Car access control automated payment RFID based parking vehicle management

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US $2,000-3,000 / Sets | 1 Set/Sets Parking Vehicle management (Min. Order)
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Parking Lot
Height (mm):
Width (mm):
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
1 Years
SEWO-T9 Parking Vehicle management
Yellow / Blue
Support Built-in Reader:
IC/ID. Barcode
Com Mode:
RS485. Rear TCP/IP
Housing Material:
Steel & Tempered glass
Communication distance:
Data Transmission speed:
Card Capacity:
Working Temperature:
500 Set/Sets per Month Parking Vehicle management
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Standard Exporting Wooden Case
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Shipped in 3 days after payment

Car access control automated payment RFID based parking vehicle management  


SEWO Parking Management System Working Steps                                       


How to Entry ?

Step 1----- The Vehicle covers the 1th Loop coil.

Step 2 ----- Driver press the push button on the entry parking case.

Step 3 ----- The card dispenser spit an RFID Card. system recording all the data.entry time.

Step 4 ----- Boom barrier open automatically

Step 5 ----- After driver pass the 2th loop coin. The Boom barrier close automatically


How to Pay and Exit ?


#1. For Manual Payment. Gatehouse near the exit barrier                                                

Step 1----- Vistor drive to the payment centre station and give his to the operator (Station near the Exit point )

Step 2----- Operator put  the card in the card issue device 

Step 3----- System shows the card information on the LED display automatically. 

Including The card holder. How long the car stay inside the parking system. How much need to pay

Step 4----- After driver pay the cash. Operator click " open barrier ". then boom barrier open

Step 5----- After the car pass the loop coil. the boom barrier close 


#2. Central Payment. driver pay the money in the central parking lot                            

Step 1----- Vistor drive to the central payment room and give the card to the cashier

Step 2----- Cashier swipe the card on the card issuer device. then system show how long he stay inside the parking lot and how much need to pay

Step 3----- After pay the money. Cashier give back the card to the driver

Step 4----- Driver take the card to the exit machine and insert it to the card acceptor. then barrier open

Step 5----- After the car pass the loop coil. the boom barrier close


#3. Auto-Payment . driver pay the money to the autopayment machine                       

Step 1----- Vistor drive to the Auto-payment Station and place card on the reader

Step 2----- The auto-payment machine show how long the car stay and how much need to pay automatically

Step 3----- Vistor Insert the Coin or Notes to the bill acceptor then print out receiption

Step 4----- After pay the money. Vistor take the card to the exit machine and insert the card to the acceptor. then barrier open automatically

Step 5----- After the car pass the loop coil. the boom barrier close


Standard One Entry and One Exit Configuration                                                                   


SEWO-T9  Parking lot Vehicle management



Housing Material

Steel & Tempered glass

Housing Color

Yellow / Blue

Support Built-in Reader

IC/ID. Barcode. RFID

Com Mode

RS485. Rear TCP/IP

Communication distance


Data Transmission speed


Offline storage Capacity


Blacklist Capacity


Card Capacity


Working Temperature


Working Conditional

Indoor / Outdoor


#1. Entry Control Parts#2. Exit Control Parts#3. Management  Parts
 A Items QTY B Items QTY C Items QTY
 1 Barrier Gate 1pcs 1 Barrier Gate 1pcs 1 Master Intercom 1pcs
 2 Loop Coil 2pcs 2 Loop Coil 1pcs 2 Parking Software 1pcs
 3 Loop Detector 2pcs 3 Loop detector 1pcs 3 RS485 Converter 1pcs
 4 Entry System belows   4 Exit System belows  4 Card Issue Device 1pcs
4.1 Entry Case 1pcs 4.1 Exit Case 1pcs 5 RFID Card optional
4.2 LED display 1pcs 4.2 LED display 1pcs 6 Video capture card 1pcs
4.3 Background light 1pcs 4.3 Background light 1pcs 7 Analogy / IP Camera 2pcs
4.4 card dispenser 1pcs 4.4 Card Acceptoroptional  8 Focus lamp 2pcs
4.5 card reader 2pcs 4.5 card reader 2pcs   
4.6Slave Intercomoptional  4.6slave Intercomoptional  
4.7Voice plate1pcs 4.7Voice Plate 1pcs  
4.8Power Supply2pcs 4.8Power Supply 2pcs  
4.9Main Control Board1pcs 4.8Main Control Board 1pcs   


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